USTCAF 2021Q3理事会会议纪要

时间:2021年7月16日 22:00(美东时间)

与会人:李逊, 黄河,胡荣湘, 李先进, 牛磊, 黄森华, 迟世宏


会议记录/文档存档: 胡荣湘(秘书长)/刘多(秘书处)



  1. Resolution on Forming “USTCAF Finance Committee Charter”
    1. Detailed discussions on investment proposal and the resolution can be found in USTCAF basecamp under:

AF 理事会事务: 关于投资提案讨论的记录 (

  1. To form USTCAF Finance Committee. This committee will make the investment decisions for operation team to execute.
  2. Voting results from the board: Resolution is approved by the board

Yes: 李逊, 黄河, 李先进, 牛磊, 黄森华, 胡荣湘

Not present: 迟世宏

  1. Proposal for the 2021 USTCAF Finance Committee:
    1. 2021 Finance committee consists of the following members:
      1. 黄河 (Chair), 迟世宏, 李先进, 牛磊, 胡荣湘
    2. Voting results from the board: proposal is approved by the board

Yes: 李逊, 黄河, 李先进, 牛磊, 黄森华, 胡荣湘

Not present: 迟世宏

  1. 黄河will call committee meetings to decide on investment proposal
  2. Will also seek ways to mitigate risk for the impact of potential financial crisis on AF assets.
  1. USTCAF event around USTC anniversary:
    1. Will hold a large online event on Saturday Sept 11th (US time).
    2. 李先进 will lead the planning of this event, with supports from all board members.
  2. Establish mentors/mentees groups for 2018-2021 yrs goodwill and Chen-lin scholarship receipts and sponsors, individually and as a whole for helping the students in more meaningful ways. This is voluntary, matched, and flexible relationship.
    1. 迟世宏 briefed the board on the details of the proposal. 世宏will lead this activity.

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